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How could something so tragic tragic... [entries|friends|calendar]
Jack's My Baby

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[29 Sep 2009|06:57pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Boy time goes fast! It's nearly been a year since I have been on here and I seem to have come such a long way. Well kinda!

I've actually just about finished my course at Sir George Seymour and I can hardly believe it. I've had a really difficult class this year but the work and the teachers have been absolutely AMAZING! Finally after struggling with school work for 5 years, I have found something I enjoy and do extremely well in. I owe that all to the teachers Sarah, Angie, Reto, Nicola, Jo, Keely and Ange. You guys are amazing!

Last time I posted I was about to go over to Melbourne to see Delta Goodrem and my friend Lisa. It was the most incredible time. Delta just gets better and better as we both grow. God I love her as much as I did the day she started, if not more. I love my beautiful Lisa too. Sitting with and talking to her at her house and meeting her beautiful baby daughter Jessica made me realise just how much of an incredible friend I have in her and how much I have treasured and will always treasure her. Love you baby!

In April my grandad died, just about 6 months after my family and I lost our dear friend Sue to cancer. He had the most beautiful send off I could of wished for him and I miss him with everything I have but know he wanted to go so it is ok. Love you my big grandad, always and forever!

Have had my cousin Lisa and sister Charlotte's 21st parties this year. They were both as good as eachother, especially Lisa's where I got to meet my beautiful baby cousin Finn Dan Dunne who was born in February x and got to see Nathy again, who I hadn't seen properly since September 2007. Don't even think he could believe that! Really hoping to see him again this friday and/or next weekend too. He also got engaged in June to his girlfriend Rachel who he had previously been with 6 years ago and then got back together with. So excited to have her in our family again and so happy for him too. Love you boy! xxx

I have the LPNZ conference this weekend in Wellington. Hope it is as good as Hanmer last year, though that would be pretty impossible to beat! Ahh so excited!

Other than that, I'm just trying to get through each day. Kinda going through a bit of an unhappy phase this year no thanks to certain people and am really hoping that it'll soon improve. Maybe next time I post in like a years time I will be happier!


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It's been 6 months [05 Mar 2007|06:56pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Hey hey, Well I haven't been on this thing in 6 months and a number of days. I thought I'd update now but I probably won't be back but I'm just filling in time atm. Well I'll catchu up wif whats been going on in my life since my last entry which was way back in August. K well I'm a completely different person now. I have a new group of friends who I love heaps. They even met my best friend when she came down last october which was awes! I can walk again and better than before my leg surgery if any of you rememberd I had that. In the time since my last entry I've been to wellington twice. 1nce for my cousin amandas 21st and then over xmas!! My cousin Ju is getting married this week so ill be going up for that and my cousin amanda is now engaged to a lovely guy called Matt. We met him in Australia. I have a really good friendship going on with my friend Anthony and we kinda went on a date yesterday. I've been selected to swim in training for paralympics which is swimming for the disabled. I go swimming with my mate Anthony every sunday. Umm... I'm in year 12. I have ms penrose as my media studies teacher if you remember me going on bout her. She's pretty cool and all the shit we had 3 years ago is now gone! I have miss wilde again but I'm kinda sick of having her and she actually isn't the same as she was. My cousin Nathan is moving to Nelson soon, umm I'm waiting on a date for my next op which will be in May now probably. Was gonna have it in March but changed mind. I'm still friends with my beautiful nurse Emz. I love her heaps and I saw her recently. Kris has buggerd off to the Waikato to do plastics no umm orthopeadics lol. Miss him heaps when I go on hospy visits. Bruce who screwd up my back op finally has my forgiveness for what he did. I love you heaps even though you have put me through heaps of shit. And my beautiful John, I can't forget you. Love you lots!!
Well I won't be back but luv u all lots! mwah xxx

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[02 Jun 2005|01:12pm]

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